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Biography of Armando Calvo.

18 November, 2019

Artistic name: Armando Calvo.

Full / True Name: Armando Pascual Calvo Lespier

Date of Birth: December 25, 1919.

Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Current occupation: Actor.

Home: His father Juan Calvo Domenech and his brother Manolo Calvo were also actors. That’s why Armando grew up in a theatrical environment and made his theater debut as a child. His debut was 5 years in the play “Mud Sin”.
Then I continue to participate in plays. In the late 1930s, he began to play little characters in movies at the movies.
In 1943, he presented an excellent opportunity to play in the film “The scandal” of José Luis Sáenz de Heredia. This important role has increased its popularity and opened many doors of work.
Gregorio Wallerstein, a Mexican producer, has his eyes on Armando Calvo to play in the movie “Woman of All” (1946) with Mexican star María Félix.

Life: Some of the films that I participated in in Mexico were: “Bel Ami” with Gloria Marin, rumors say that Calvo was in love with her.
“Angel or Devil” and “La Casa de la Troya” in 1948, “The maelstrom” in 1949, “The wild beasts novel” in 1954.
He returned to the country where he grew up to participate in “The Last Cuplé” in 1957.

Other appreciations: María Teresa Frigos Mosca was his first wife. In 1958, they traveled together to Mexico, but they divorced quickly.
He then meets Ursula in Spain, who became his second wife with whom he had 9 children.

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