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Biography of Aurora Bautista

18 November, 2019

Artistic Name: Aurora Bautista

Full / True Name: Aurora Bautista Zumel

Date of Birth: Valladolid, Spain.

Place of birth: October 15, 1925.

Current occupation: actress.

Start: Aurora was born in Valladolid, but after a few years, I went to Barcelona, ​​where she began to study theater at the Theater Institute. At the end of his studies, Cayetano Luca de Tena signed the contract to be part of the Spanish theater company in Madrid, where he then launched “The dream of a summer night”.
In 1948, he received the proposal of Juan de Orduña to participate in the film “Madness of Love”, which would embody the character of Queen Juana, alongside the actor Fernando Rey. Through this film he became very popular and became popular. one of the most recognized actresses of Spanish cinema.

Life: In 1950, the contract was produced by Cifesa and participated in “Pequeñeces” and “Agustina de Aragón”. In 1953 in “Damned”, in 1961 in “Teresa of Jesus”. Then he went back to work at the theater. Her works include “Tennessee Williams or Yerma”, “The Cat on the Zinc Roof” and “Requiem for a Woman”, among others.
In Mexico, I participate in the film “Aunt Tula” by Miguel Picazo. I also participate in secondary characters in “Dawn, who is not a little”, “Extramuros” and “El mirón”.
In Buenos Aires, first “You’ll die of something else”, “Women’s Letters” and “Blood Wedding”.

Other findings: Aurora got married while traveling in Mexico.
He has received several awards, thanks to his acting talent.

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