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Biography of Elena Ballesteros

18 November, 2019

Artistic name: Elena Ballesteros

Full name: María Elena Ballesteros Triguero.

Date of birth: 6 July 1981.

Place of birth: Madrid, Spain.

Current occupation: actress.

Home: He made commercials and in the meantime, he appeared in several castings, hoping to be hired and become an actress, which was his dream.
In 1996, he is called to play a role in the series “More than friends”, where his character was called Lola.
During the same season, she hosted the “Disney Club”, a program well known for children.
He also appeared in the cast to be part of the cast “Companions” and was selected, but I can not participate because I worked at the “Disney Club”.
But then, I’m part of the TV series “Journalists”, where his character was the daughter of actor José Coronado. This role has given a great popularity and thanks to that, he has received proposals for the cinema.

Life: Some of the directors I worked with were Manuel Iborra, Roger Young, Mariano Barroso, Gerardo Herrero and Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo.
In 2007, I’m part of the movie “Coffee alone or with them”, in 2009 in Buenos Aires I film the film “Clean and foreign”.
I played in the musical telecom Paco y Veva. I participate in “Table for Five” and “Personal Motives”

Other appreciations: He had a relationship with the actor Paco Marín, with whom he had a daughter named Jimena. In 2010, he married Dani Mateo, a comedian, met in “The Mata family”.

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