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Biography of Javier Cámara.

18 November, 2019

Artistic name: Javier Cámara.

Full / True Name: Javier Cámara Rodríguez.

Date of birth: 19 January 1967.

Place of birth: Albelda de Iregua, La Rioja, Spain.

Current occupation: Actor.

Home: Javier studied at Lardero’s Universidad Laboral, where he met a group of Poor Theater admirers, led by Professor Fernando Gil.
The teacher advised and encouraged Javier to study at RESAD Madrid.
Javier accepted the advice, but before going to RESAD, he attended the Logroño theater school, but that hill he then went to Madrid.
While studying there, I worked as a film usher.
I made my theater debut in 1991 with Lope de Vega’s play “The Knight of Olmedo”.
Later, I participate in the assembly “Say it with Valium” and “Rosa Rosae”.
Then he starts working on television. In 1995, he participated in “Oh sir, sir!” The public met him when he played a role in “7 lives”, which lasted 3 seasons (1995-2001).

Life: In 2000, I participated in “Lucia and sex”, two years later, I’m part of “Talk to her” under the command of Almodóvar.
First in 2003 “The underigned” and “Torremolinos 73”. I also participate in “Bad Education”, “The Secret Life of Words”, “Bad Seasons”, “Alatriste” and “Fiction of Cesc Gay”.
I’m part of “LEX” televised by “Antena 3”.

Other appreciations: He was nominated 5 times for the Goya prize, but he never won.

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