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Biography of José Gonzalo Rodriguez

18 November, 2019

Full name: José Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha.

Birth: May 14, 1947, Pacho, Colombia.

Death: December 15, 1989, Tolú, Colombia.

José Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, aka El Mexicano, was a Colombian drug trafficker belonging to the Medellín cartel, along with the Ochoa and Pablo Escobar brothers. At the height of his criminal career, Rodriguez was recognized as one of the most successful drug traffickers in the world. In 1988, Forbes magazine included him in his annual list of billionaires around the world, considered the leader of the military branch of this organization and his “Minister of War”. Rodríguez Gacha was known by the pseudonym “El Mexicano” for his fascination with the Aztec nation and its culture.

Originally from the Pacho region of Cundinamarca, Rodríguez Gacha was born into a peasant family. In the third year of high school, he decided to give up his studies to work with Gilberto Molina, the “tsar” of emeralds in Boyacá. He quickly climbed Molina’s structures, taking a stand in the midst of the violence that hit Colombian emeralds in the 1970s and 1980s, while starting to talk to drug traffickers in Medellín. Her first contact with them was with Verónica Rivera de Vargas, a friend of Pablo Escobar in the mid-seventies. His fortune increased rapidly, at the same rate as the number of his enemies. 

In 1976, Gacha, now independent of his former boss, joined Pablo Escobar, Carlos Ledher and the Ochoa brothers to form the cartel Medellín €, the same one that, five years later, sponsored economically and logistically the creation of the first group of companies. Self-Defense Death to The Kidnappers, MAS. 

Soon new drug trafficking routes will be opened via Mexico, Haiti, Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas and Nicaragua, where the US pilot Barry Seal played a key role and who will later be killed when he will agree to testify against the agreement. .

In 1989, the Colombian government insisted on persecuting the cartel leaders and, after several clashes on December 15, Gacha escaped in a red Chevrolet truck.

The truck was intercepted, Gacha and a bodyguard jumped to the banana plantations and, when it seemed he was going to escape again, he was unlucky enough to tear off his scalp with barbed wire . When he saw his escape escape, he fired, which provoked the reaction of the elite corps. He was first wounded in the leg and then in the face, according to the official version.

On December 17, 1989, the body of Rodríguez Gacha with that of his son. He was also dead in the fight, thousands of people who saw him as a great benefactor were buried in his hometown, Pacho.

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