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Biography of Ke $ ha

18 November, 2019

Full Name: Kesha Rose Sebert

Birth: March 1, 1987, 26, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Kesha Rose Sebert, known simply as Ke $ ha, is an American actress, singer and songwriter who has enjoyed great success since the beginning of her career in 2005.

Daughter of Pébé Sebert, singer, actress and composer. His mother, single, found herself in the position of raising her with her older brother, Logan, without a father and with financial problems. With help from social assistance programs and food stamps, they were able to survive. When Kesha was a girl, Pebe often had to take care of her during her scenes.

Kesha has been recognized for her festive girl image, however, she insists that critics should look beyond her image. “I have been working for years to realize this dream, my journey, my mission, and I have really invested a lot of thought, time and effort […] I think it’s unfair when people are not properly represented, when they describe me as something purely one-dimensional “He said that with the dollar sign in his name, he wanted to be ironic.

Kesha’s style is messy hair, covered in makeup and a costume she describes as “hogwash”. She developed the style by being poor and trying to dress appropriately with her small budget. He named Keith Richards as his inspiration in fashion. Her stage makeup is characterized by a spectacular make-up on her right eye, inspired by A Clockworkd Orange, and glitter on her body. Kesha entered the Maxim’s number 56 in the Hot 100 of 2010, “the definitive list of the most beautiful women in the world.”

Kesha said her musical references are Britney Spears, Beck, Queen, Madonna, Johnny, and Aaron Neville. Bob Dylan, The Beastie Boys, The Damned, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and Blondie

have a rock-like air, with direct lyrics inspired by their life experiences and influenced by the style of country music.The tone of voice is mezzo soprano and evolves in the genres dance, electronics and pop.He

released 2 studio albums: In 2010: Animal and in 2012: Warrior.He performed 2 musical tours: In 2011, Get Sleazy Tour and in 2013, Warrior Tour.

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