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Biography of Norma Aleandro

18 November, 2019

Artistic Name: Norma Aleandro

Full / True Name: Norma Aleandro.

Date of birth: May 2, 1936.

Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Current occupation: actress.

Home: Norma is an excellent actress and is also a screenwriter and director.
His parents are actors Pedro Aleandro and Maria Luisa Robledo, with whom Norma participated in the Smart Theater with only 9 years old and has continued in several works.
Then I’m part of the cast of “The Two Cover” and later, in 1957, when he was at the Institute of Modern Art, he made his film debut in “Death in the street”.
In 1959, I play several characters in the television series “Histoires de jeunes”.
In the ’60s, he filmed several movies and television series, including Gente Conmigo and The Last Floor (Films), “Four Women for Adam” and “Romeo and Juliet” (series).
Some of the movies I played in the 1970s were “Do not touch the baby” and “The heirs”.

Life: In 1976, Norma went to Spain, because in his country, Argentina, was a military dictatorship. She continued her career and eventually returned to her home country in 1981.
She has been nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards and has won several awards for her films and plays.

Other appreciations: He married Oscar Ferrigno, with whom he had a son named Oscar Ferrigno, who is now a famous actor.
It is Norma Aleandro who interpreted the character of the protagonist of the Argentine film “Patoruzito, the great adventure”.

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