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Short biography of Gutenberg

18 November, 2019

Real name: Johannes Gensfleisch
Date of birth: 1400
Place of birth: Mainz.
Death: Mainz, February 3, 14.
Who is it ?: Goldsmith and inventor of printing.

Johannes Gensfleisch was born in Mainz, Germany. His father Federico and his mother Elsa are from a bourgeois family. His father was a merchant. Johannes changed his surname to Gutenberg, since it was the name of the house where he was born. Gutenberg learned the trade of goldsmith and blacksmith and made himself known to the bishopric of the city. The mother acquired an inherited house in Eltville am Rhein and they moved into the new house. Gutenberg is thought to have studied at the University of Erfrut. His father died in 1431 and his mother in 1433. 

From 1434, Gutenberg’s life became better known when he began working as a silversmith in Strasbourg. Start looking at precious stones and gems. He is also interested in creating mirrors. Later, he decides to create his own craft workshop with partners. This company has also created secret methods, in crafting mirrors and carved gems. In addition, Gutenberg was particularly interested in existing printing methods: he had been looking for them for some time and was spending money in the shop. So much so that he ended up defrauding his partners financially. They were forced to sue Gutenberg. In the trial on the trial, Gutenberg lost and found himself in ruins. Due to the circumstances, he had to return to Mainz. Once back, he joined Johann Fust, a lawyer with money. Fust is interested in the Gutenberg mobile font project, leaving him money to carry out the printing project and eventually become a partner of the workshop. Thanks to the support of this partner, Gutenberg succeeds in realizing his idea. Finally, in 1450, he finished his invention.

In 1452, Gutenberg decided to publish the Bible in 42 lines. He had a Gothic typography, which resembled medieval texts. This Bible is also known as the 42-line Bible, or Gutenberg Bible. In 1455, Gutenberg, overwhelmed by the loan, no longer has any way to return the money lent to his partner. Fust sued Gutenberg and they dissolved as partners. Gutenberg even revealed the secrets of his invention to survive. Fust associated with a parent and they published the Bible next to him.

Gutenberg died in Mainz, his hometown, on February 3, 1468.

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