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Short biography of Mohammed

18 November, 2019

Real name: Muhammad / Mohammed.
Date of birth: April 26, 570.
Place of birth: Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Death: June 8, 632.
Who was it ?: Prophet and founder of Islam.

Muhammad was born on April 26, 570 in the city of Mecca. He came from a poor family belonging to a Quraish tribe. His parents died when Muhammad was 6 years old and he was an orphan. He remained in charge of his grandfather and later his uncle. He accompanied his uncle Abú Talib on several commercial trips. At age 25, he started working for Khadijah, a 40-year-old rich widow. He worked as his garbage dump. He eventually married her and had several children. This new position gives him a new status as a more reputable merchant.

He wanted to know the monotheistic religions that predominated and lived together in his day. Around the age of 40, Mohammed decided to retire to the caves of Mount Hira in the desert. There he had several visions, where the Archangel Gabriel revealed the secret of true faith. Supported by his wife, he decided to preach in his hometown. Thus, he would present himself as a prophet continuing with monotheistic religions.

He started gaining followers of poor areas while gaining enemies. When he reached a large number of followers and gained popularity, they began to see him as a threat to the established order. He was accused and persecuted. His followers had to flee too. In 619, Muhammad had already lost his wife Khadijah and his uncle Abu. Due to the situation, he was forced to flee to Medina in 622. This flight, called “The Hégira”, was considered the date of the founding of Islamism.

In Medina, Mohammed realized that his religion would form a new faith. He surrounded himself with more adepts and combined strength and persuasion. He ended up being militant and political as much as religious. After many clashes, negotiations, political pressures and some conjugal bonds of convenience between Mediana and Mecca, the Mahometan conquered Mecca in 630.

After a long period of fever and severe headaches, he died next to one of his wives in 632. He was succeeded in the caliphate by his father-in-law and his friend.

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