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Susana Campos Biography

18 November, 2019

Artistic name: Susana Campos.

Full / True Name: Susana Campos.

Date of birth: August 31, 1934.

Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Current occupation: actress.

Start: There are three versions of how Susana Campos started her acting career.
Some say that in 1946, I participate in Luis Bayón Herrera’s “Three million … and love”, others say that in 1947 he participated in a competition to participate in Carlos’s “The rattlesnake” Schlieper, in which he was summoned. with Analía Gadé and other young people. It is also said that he began his career by participating in “My girlfriend is a ghost” of Francisco Mugica.

Life: Some of the films I’m working on are: “Graciela” in 1995, “Rosaura à dix” in 1958, “Pink corner man” in 1962, “The double-edged crime” in 1864 in Spain, for this period She was dyed blonde but to film, the director advised him to return to its natural color.
Other cinematographic works include: “On the Arm and in the Street”, 1966, “The Boys of Oldenenough Used Elastic” and “The Day You Love Me” in 1969, ” Boys grow up “in 1974 and” Friday Eternity “in 1980.
Started at the theater with Enrique Santos Discépolo’s play” Blum “, his career was marked by” The Death of a Traveler “,” The Poker of love “,” Who am I? …? “And” Orange Duck “among others ..
On television, I participate in” The man who came back from death “,” Housewife profession “and” The angels do not cry, among others. ”

Other findings: She died on October 16, 2004. She was married to Alberto Berco and Rudy Carrié, from whom she eventually divorced.

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