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The short biography of Hitler

18 November, 2019

Real name: Adolf Hitler
Date of birth: 20 April 1889
Place of birth: Braunau, Austria
Death: 30 April 1945
Who was it ?: The German dictator

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau, a town on the Austrian border. Germany. He lived his childhood in Linz and his adolescence in Vienna. His father was Alois Hitler and his mother Klara Pölzi. His education was rare and he had barely been trained. Much of what he had learned was self-taught. In early January 1903, Hitler’s father died. Two years later, Klara moved with her family to live in a district of Linz. Hitler did not want to continue his studies and convinced his mother to leave school. Then, at sixteen, he left high school without graduating. His goal was to devote himself to painting, even if he did not look for any type of work over the next three years. He loved to read about the mythology and history of Germany.

At the age of seventeen, he went to Vienna where he stayed two months thanks to the financial help of his family. He took advantage of his stay to visit the Academy of Fine Arts and consult the necessary conditions to enter. In 1907 he returned to Vienna to sit for the entrance examination. He failed and was rejected. He tried the following year but was also rejected. Hitler ended up as a tramp, living in shelters and soup kitchens. In 1910, he began to have economic stability.

After the loss of the First World War by Germany, a period of general discontent settled in German society in the following years, called the Great Depression. It was a stage of economic, social and political crisis. Hitler, took advantage of this situation in the country to gain power. Electoral propaganda and his charisma to be persuaded are part of the strategies he used during his command. Hitler came to power in 1933 and proclaimed himself imperial chancellor.

In 1945, he married Eva Braun. On April 30 of the same year, he committed suicide with Eva in a bunker or anti-aircraft shelter located in Berlin. Hitler saw his bodies burned and buried once they died.

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